What is Cerec 3D?

What is CEREC 3D?

CEREC means we can quickly and economically restore damaged teeth using a durable ceramic material that matches the natural color of other teeth in your mouth.  CEREC is an acronym of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

What advantages does CEREC offer me?

Thanks to the exceptional precision of CEREC 3D™
technology we can create beautiful computer generated porcelain restorations that are durable and practically invisible all in a single visit. This means no need for impressions, temporaries or second visits for the same tooth.

With this technology we minimize tooth loss, increase strength of the tooth and virtually eliminate sensitive teeth. A single tooth can be restored back to its original strength and beauty in less than 1½ hours. So, eliminate the problems associated with silver (mercury) fillings by requesting CEREC and keep those teeth for a lifetime!





How Does CEREC work?

After we prepare your tooth, a special camera takes an optical impression and relays the exact specifications to a computer, which then designs- right before your eyes, on screen- a precise restoration to fit your tooth. Then the milling function actually manufacturers the solid, one-piece restoration. We bond it into your tooth and you’re done- in just one visit.

We use a ceramic material that is so natural looking that even on close inspection; you will not be able to distinguish it from your natural tooth. What’s more, it’s strong and durable- so strong in fact, that we can restore a tooth to 103% of its original strength.

It can withstand the daily grinding of food, you don’t get any strange metallic tastes as you can with amalgams (silver fillings), it’s not sensitive to hot and cold and- because the ceramic surface is smooth it is remarkably resistant to bacterial build-up.

CEREC 3D is the pinnacle of dental restoration technology, allowing us to perform complex procedures quickly, precisely, efficiently and with stunningly beautiful results.